White-Picket Mistake

“Freely Fenced” by Stephanie Jackson

You’re making a mistake. You’re making a mistake.

Words to redirect.

You’re happy here. Distinctly vital here

sophistical reflect.

How could you? How would you?

Phonetically pronounced in their mind.

Don’t you dare. Care to dare.

Our non-manual behaviors more unkind.

Undeniable human impression. Reliable sterling impression.

Your commitment is our endorsement.

Acceptance has conditions. Foolish to escape stable conditions.

Our words are desperate enforcement.

Pray you’re doing the right thing. Lost your sense of self or something?

Perplexed how the unknown baited you.

Consistency you have lost. “Not all who wander are lost.”

Contracts and logic has escaped you.

Dreams are not fuel. Materialism eludes fuel.

Refusing to believe ambition is found.

Labeled as naive, too young. Chance is wisdom young.

Spiritual love buds on all grounds.

Serving to no clear end. You’re unsure how this ends.

We beg of you security.

Concrete five year plans dissipate. Minimum wage savings dissipate.

Society chokes authority.

Tenure is around the bend. Itineraries crinkle and bend.

Should wait in line for your white picket fence.

Find you a life for settling. Oh, like the dust that settling.

Time will wind me out of wits with no recompense.

Have you forgotten common sense? Spontaneity at your age makes no sense.

So alone, I choose the unshadowed path.

Just a spoonful of Stephanie helps monotony go down.