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Steps to assemble the Indian filter coffee maker

We have made an instructions page for those who need help to assemble the Indian coffee making tumbler.

Sun Shan
Sun Shan
Mar 20, 2018 · 2 min read

These instructions should help you get started but if you are still having trouble give us a shout.

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Instructions to assemble the coffee maker.

Here we are trying to answer some of the questions that comes to mind after seeing such an equipment.

  • What to do with the metal plunger/tamper (3)?
    It is used to set the coffee ground. Press gently till the coffee is evenly distributed and a flat surface is formed.
    If you leave it in the tumbler while brewing it will take up some volume, which means the tumbler will be holding less water.
    Our suggestion: use it to set the coffee and then put it away.
  • Where does the coffee gets collected?
    In the bottom part (1) of the tumbler. This is where the coffee goes in.
  • How to handle this thing?
    Majority of the tumblers are made of steel. It gets pipping hot when boiling/hot water is poured. Keep small children away and use kitchen towel or hand gloves to disassemble it. Or else wait till it cools down.

Tips: The leftover coffee ground in the tumbler can used as manure for plants.

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