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Make coffee simple

Abhishek Rai
Mar 15, 2018 · 4 min read

It was 2003. A family friend had gifted me a french press. He also gave me a packet of coffee powder. It must have been five years old.

French press was beautiful, but coffee tasted like mud. All stale coffees taste like mud. Till then I had only drunk instant coffee. I still remember the recipe of instant coffee.

Coffee Journey

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Bodum’s iconic French press.

The French press kickstarted my coffee journey. Also, coffee should taste the way it smells. My friend Sunil and I searched blogs and forums. I wrote to baristas and roasters.

We noted down recipes, and brewed them.

Coffee brewing had grown into a religion

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Coffee snob

Some drank blends, while others swore by single origin.

Some stirred the coffee before steeping, while others after steeping.

Some stirred coffee clock wise, others anti clockwise.

Some started the timer after pouring the first drop of water, others before they started pouring.

Some talked about coffee as if it was wine, while others described it as perfumes.

Self help is the best help

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Sunil brewing a cup of pour over coffee with Hario brewer set

Sunil and I started brewing coffee in various ways. Sunil also brought cool equipments.

  • New French press.
  • Abid brewer.
  • Vac Pot
  • Aeropress
  • Melitta brewers
  • Kalita brewers
  • Swiss gold
  • And, the list is long

Coffee Shack

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Abhishek brewing Vacpot

We started Coffee Shack, a coffee collective.

  • We did events and workshops for coffee lovers.
  • We brewed coffee at events. We also ran a cafe.
  • Sunil learnt how to roast coffee.

We wanted to learn everything about coffee.

What did we learn?

  • All the recipes are right, if one understands.
  • All equipments make delicious coffee, if one knows how to use them.
  • All rituals are good, if the outcome is great cup of coffee.

Still good coffee is elusive

It’s sad that good coffee is elusive. Either one has to become a coffee geek or shell out a fortune to drink good coffee.

But, brewing coffee at home is a task. Arranging beans/ powder and equipments aren’t easy. Then, using the right method to brew is tricky.

No doubt, few drink good coffee at home. It shouldn’t be like that.

The Kaapi Project

Kaapi o Kaapi

It’s time we change it. It’s time we simplify things. It’s time coffee should be like preparing tea at home. Without pretence.

Kaapi Project aims to do three things.

  1. Coffee for people, not people for coffee:
    There is always the right way of brewing coffee, but if it makes live more difficut, why bother.
  2. Simplify:
    Make brewing so simple that anyone can prepare a good cup of coffee.
  3. More than coffee: Life isn’t just coffee. It’s also the farm. It’s about thinkers and writers and musicians. It’s about food and other drinks. So is The Kaapi Project.

What’s Kaapi Project about?

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Filter kaapi brewed by Nandita of Saffron Trail: Source

Kaapi Project is one stop shop for all things coffee.
Come to The Kaapi Project, if you want to…
- Brew a great cup of coffee without fuss.
- Prepare something to eat with your coffee.
- Try a new cafe.
- Buy an equipment for home or cafe or office.

Details please:

  1. Brewing methods: Make Indian kaapi great again
    Easy to follow brewing methods keeping Indian users in mind. It will come after we have brewed it many times, not just copying and pasting.
  2. Recipes: upcoming egg sandwich recipe
    Coffee without food is lonely. So, we will spend time in our kitchens, experimenting with foods which go well with coffee. We will cook it ourselves.
  3. Reviews: upcoming review of Blue Tokai Cafe, Hauz Khas
    We will review the equipments, coffee beans, coffee products and cafes. We will keep it unbiased and transparent. Our aim is to help you make right buying decisions.
  4. Stories: I wrote about speciality cafes
    Thousands of people work day and night to bring great coffees to us. We should know their stories, their struggles and celebrate their successes.
  5. Events: Explore the past events
    Get coffee lovers together and have good time.

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