Huge Untapped Opportunity for Self-Publishers

No one is doing this yet.

Kristen Walters
Kristen’s KDP Project


Credit: Canva Pro

If you’ve been looking for a legitimate way to make a significant amount of money with self-publishing WITHOUT spending money on ads, you’ll want to hear this.

This weekend, I stumbled upon something very exciting!

(Admittedly, I’m a total nerd, so your excitement level may vary.)


Saturday night, I was sitting on my couch checking stats on one of my faceless YouTube channels when I noticed something NEW!

Here’s what I saw:

Screenshot from author.

I squealed with delight.

If you didn’t know, YouTube recently set up an “affiliate” monetization option to compete with TikTok’s in-app shopping feature (aka. product tagging on videos.)

This means YouTubers can tag related products from hundreds of popular brands directly on both short and long-form videos.

Now that Barnes & Noble has been added to YouTube’s affiliate library, I can create a “shopping link” to any book or product they sell and add a highly visible TAG to any of my videos.