“No One Buys Books” — Really?

Glad I didn’t get the memo.

Kristen Walters
Kristen’s KDP Project


Credit: Canva Pro

This morning, I opened my inbox to find a subject line that read,

“No one buys books.”

I nearly choked on my coffee — this was news to me.

It was an email from a well-known influencer promoting a “free Masterclass” promising to show you how to make $977k in 6 months with the latest writing trend.

His argument was,

“You CAN’T make money with books, but you CAN make money with this other thing that I happen to be selling a course on.”

Dude, please.

Can we stop with the “nothing else works but this ONE thing I’m selling a course on?

It’s manipulative and misleading.

Normally, I don’t mind when people promote their stuff.

I respect the hustle.

We all have to earn a living — and I enjoy supporting and learning from other creators who are genuinely helpful.

But this one left such a bad taste in my mouth.

If I had read his email a few years ago, it might have persuaded me NOT to start self-publishing.