The Costumes of Fiasco Theater’s Into the Woods

Conceptually, this piece has been set in an attic of memory

Audience members familiar with other productions of Into The Woods will probably notice right away that certain characters and elements are missing from this production, most notably the Narrator character, who is replaced by all of the cast members taking turns as storytellers. Because it is the actor’s role as storyteller at the heart of Fiasco’s approach to every project they undertake, it is my job as costume designer to enable each actor to transition quickly and easily into different characters with the simple addition or subtraction of such things as a hat, cape, or jacket.

Photo by Joan Marcus

Conceptually, this piece has been set in an attic of memory — filled with objects that could have come down through several generations. The costumes combine modern and period elements to capture a similar feeling of existing somewhere in between the Edwardian era and now. The color palette has been kept intentionally neutral so that the pops of color in added garments provide some fairy tale flair. It has always been imperative in my collaborations with Fiasco that the actors are never hidden or overwhelmed by the costumes and that my work helps to support and enhance their performances.

— Whitney Locher, Costume Designer

Photo by Joan Marcus
Fiasco Theater’s production of Sondheim’s Tony Award-winning musical Into the Woods runs December 6 through January 8 in the Eisenhower Theater at the Kennedy Center.