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Define Your Operational Process

You cannot build in confusion

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A lot of startup entrepreneurs have developed this fast action mentality of building business. Having studied diverse behavioral patterns for quite some time now, I think that ‘’organization’’ is a major human issue. Many folks lack the discipline to stay organized. It is who you are that you bring into your business. Imagine your body without an operational process flow. Imagine the liver clashing in function with the kidney. Think about the car and how it is systematically structured in terms of operations. A lot of startup entrepreneurs are driving their businesses in confusion. Nothing grows in confusion and its essentially critical to understand this

Your business is driven by operations. The vision and strategy have to be executed. Execution is operations. You’ve got to define what your operational process flow will be else external factors will determine that for you. It is not about taking up ‘’Chief Operating Officer’’ titles. It is about doing the actual work. I spent several hours with my executive assistant during our mid-year performance appraisal looking critically at our numbers and revamping operational process in terms of how we create value, how we deploy value and how we capture value

Get a sheet and document the process you want to utilize to create value, deploy value, and capture value in your business. It has to be clearly documented such that it can be easily articulated

Will you take action today?

Talk soon.

The Strategist, Victor Onyekere
Africa’s Human Development & Productivity Specialist



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