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How To Get Ideas For an Online Business?

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Most of the time people want to start an online business without an idea.

Probably they just have a vision of a future lifestyle they’d want to have and will not be successful.

There is more probability that an online business fails than succeeds but I’m confident that as long as you have an idea you’re passionate about you can make it happen.

The greatest advice for someone who wants to start an online business is that:

Invest in yourself. The journeys you take will become ideas.

How To Get Ideas For an Online Business?

What I have experienced is that you don’t come up with ideas.

I have spent hours for months thinking about some magical ideas but NO RESULTS.

Rather you should focus on problems, observe your world, see what problems small/big people face, might be your colleagues, friends, family, or even you.

Work on some solution it might be the simplest solution that doesn’t always have to be a website, app or some IoT device.

That might help you to start.

As long as the problem is real and your solution solves it, your online business will definitely make it big.

The way you learn how to come up with ideas is by practicing coming up with ideas.

Just look around for what could be done better, and do it — even if you are just building out a facade to test the market (i.e. making a video of what your product would be as if it already exists, and put it up with ads and a “Sign up to learn more” form).

It can be difficult to force ideas, but you can master how to come up with more!

Imagine the bottle opener didn’t exist.

You have a bottle.

You want to open it.

You cannot find a lighter and don’t want to damage the corners of your table.

You think for yourself...

I wish there was some specific thing you always had in your drawer to open bottles with.

It could be called a bottle opener.

That is how you get ideas.

Whenever you’re in a situation where you’re thinking that there is something annoying or missing, you can get an idea to solve it.

Chances are you’re not the only one wanting it.

The next step is then to validate your idea. That is. Whole other story.

Whether your idea works or fails is not only about percentages who fail. You cannot compare yourself to other failures. They might have bad ideas or wrong execution.

If 99.99% fails?

It still doesn’t matter.

You are unique.

Your idea and execution (and a bit of luck) are what matters.

So if you do it right — the yes. It is worth it.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Finding a Product-Market fit is critical. You want to spend your time, your most precious asset, working on something other people will want. If you can iterate fast, you can figure out if people like your idea or not and move on if they don’t.
  • There are no sacred cows. Don’t get emotional about your idea. Be willing to set it down and walk away if it looks like it will not work. The worst place you can be is to have an “online business” that is stagnating. It will suck your time and energy, won’t grow, and prevent you from working on something that could be amazing.
  • Start with as little funding as you can, yours or others. If you burn through cash with your first couple of ideas, you will be less likely to take risks on other ideas in the future.

The best idea could be tangential to what you are working on.

Is Your Idea Even Worth?

It depends on what you want as an outcome.

If you want to be your own boss (which seems to be what a lot of people want).

You will have your customers to answer to.

If your goal is to have greater wealth, that can happen but it will take time.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and winning.

If you persevere, with a product that people want, you will make a lot of money.

Running a successful online business is extremely hard.

With my first online business, there were many sleepless nights I spent at home.

I once had to work 36 hours straight without sleep.

If you need to work a day job to get an income while you are working on your online business, your nights and weekends will also be shot. Be okay with that.

If you are not, then an online business is not what you want to do.


Online business ideas are endless and all-inclusive.

Most office-based jobs can now be done online through freelancing or remote working.

The beauty of technology means that profitable online businesses will keep growing and growing, making the world a truly global marketplace.

If you are considering moving away from the traditional career path and want to start your own business you need to sacrifice your time, money or both in some cases.

If you are willing to give up on sleep, and social activities, have an erratic financial life for a number of years and be misunderstood by your friends and family in order to have a chance to make the world a little bit better, then do online business.



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