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My Product Got Featured On ProductHunt.!

Finally, it’s here and live!

Yesterday I launched my first ever SaaS product WidPilot on ProductHunt.!

I am very happy and excited to share this news with you.

I had been very inactive for the last couple of months at Medium because I was working on this product.

I come from a software development background and creating digital products always fascinates me.

That helped me understand the technical aspects of this product creation.

There is no doubt that Youtube is one of the best opportunity to launch a successful online business, and the best part is anyone can do it.

It’s also the second-largest search engine in the world only behind Google and a great source of organic traffic for growing any type of online business.

In order to make the most out of YouTube, all you need is a passion to help people with your knowledge or skill.

Why I Created WidPilot?

I love to talk about Internet Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Marketing Tools, and other income opportunities available on the internet.

It has always been my passion to help people start their own online business.

Earlier, I was planning to create a YouTube course but I thought that there are already thousands of courses available on the internet.

I wanted to make more impact on the content creators, specifically the small creators who are struggling to understand how YouTube works and how they can leverage the power of this great platform.

Eventually, I decided to develop a tool that helps creators effectively manage their YouTube channels and get more insights into growing it further.

That’s where the idea of WidPilot got originated.

Over the years, I have seen the struggles of content creators, writers and YouTubers.

And with WidPilot I want to start with making a small good impact on their lives.

Key Features of WidPilot

WidPilot is built with officual YouTube APIs, so it’s 100% safe and secure to use!

It’s the only app you will ever need to seamlessly manage your YouTube channel(s).

Here’re some of the most powerful features of WidPilot that you will probably not get to see inside your YouTube Studio.


WidPilot’s intuitive dashboard facilitates you the bird’s eye view of everything happening around your channel, videos, rankings, and the automation campaigns you created.


With WidPilot’s advanced YouTube search feature you can easily search the videos, channels, and playlists separately for any given keyword.

Search the videos based on many different parameters.


Do you run one or more YouTube channels? No worries.!

WidPilot enables you to import multiple channels and manage the videos from all of your imported channels.


Get quick insights into how each of your videos and your channel is performing with just a click of a button.

WidPilot displays every tiny detail about your channel in the form of beautiful graphs.


WidPilot makes it super easy to schedule your videos for uploading them to Youtube.

You can easily edit the video title, description, tags, category, etc as and when you want.

You’re just a click away to make quick tweaks to your awesome videos.


WidPilot generates a daily report for all your keyword tracking campaigns.

You have the ability to track the keywords for your videos as well as your competitors’ videos.


The Playlist Manager imports all of the existing playlists that you created on your Youtube channel.

It allows you to easily create a new playlist from your own videos or other videos from Youtube.


The Video Link Wheel (VLW) is an SEO strategy that is used for getting a higher ranking in SERPs and increase the video audience.

WidPilot is the only tool that lets you create both open and close video link wheel campaigns for your videos.


Find the potential channels that have similar content as you and let WidPilot manage the subscription campaigns for you.

Save your precious time focusing on growing the other aspects of your YouTube business.


Schedule the Like, Comment, and Reply Comment campaigns (with daily max activity limit) simply by searching for either keywords or channels.

WidPilot also generates detailed reports of the accurate status of each of your campaigns.


Whenever we have any special announcements, application updates, discounts, or anything important to your channels, you will see them as notifications right into your dashboard.

Final Word

Feel free to checkout the ProductHunt page and drop your feedback!


Hardik Raval



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