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On Strategy

Don’t just bank on hope

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A clueless lion will always be outwit by a tactful deer. Power and strength thrives best in tactics. So many folks start out the year with no tactical plan. By this, I mean strategy. Having powerful goals and visions for each new year doesn’t guarantee accomplishment. People are easily beguiled by audacious and powerful goals. Strategy is King! People with appropriate strategy for little things are most likely to have a great year than folks with BIG DASHING goals with no strategy. Imagine a pilot flying with no compass. Yeah, strategy gives you direction. It is the ‘’how’’ of getting things done. A failure of most things is a failure of strategy. If you don’t understand how to get things done, you will never get things done appropriately. As a strategist having worked with hundreds of individuals in strategy development and execution, I understand that organizations that thrive and lead within their industries achieve this because of appropriate strategy and not just Goals. Think about it, everyone can write big stuff about what they desire to achieve, it’s easy! How many gets to achieve exactly what they have written down? It is stated that more than 65% of people who set their goals don’t achieve them.

Am I discrediting the relevancy of goal setting? Not so. It’s the first point even before a strategy. However, many are easily lost in the euphoria of goals without having a strategy. For every project you are going to execute, you must develop a strategy. To be able to attract the right people into your circle, you need a strategy. Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without a strategy. It’s highly important you pay attention to strategy as you begin each new year. Things easily don’t catch me by surprise because I’ve laid down the how. Well except for things I don’t have control over.

Your strategy must be clearly written and articulated. HOPE is not a strategy!

Talk soon.

The Strategist, Victor Onyekere
Africa’s Human Development & Productivity Specialist



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