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Repetition is the Mother of Skill & Mastery

What is your repetition index?

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So many startup entrepreneurs give up easily after a few attempts at something they are supposedly passionate about. If you were learning how to play the piano, you already know that you shouldn’t skip your practice classes. Now, when you have mastered the art of playing, you have to keep repeating that. Ever wondered why you brush every day? It’s the concept of repetition. What you don’t repeat, you won’t be skilled at and ultimately master.

Repetition creates a pattern within your subconscious mind such that your mind mirrors that particular event and begins to programme it within your body as a structure. Success in business comes from a repeated process. You’ve got to keep at it and keep coming back. When you started taking driving lessons, you were not so good at driving and keeping up with other things around you. You are solely focused on the car’s dashboard. However, when you repeat the process for a certain period, you’d be skilled at driving and eventually master it.

What is your current repetition index in your business?

I think it’s going to be great to start your week by evaluating your repetition index

Talk soon

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