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The KickStarter: Write For Us

If you can provide Medium readers with useful and actionable tips, we want you to join us.!

People surf the internet to read something useful, insightful, or get rid of their problems.

If you think that you can help people to get rid of “some problem” through your writing abilities then you are most welcome at “The KickStarter”.

The web is filled with too many self-proclaimed “gurus” who act as if they have a helping hand for the people in need.

They are cute, sound fantastic BUT are also far from actionable.

People don’t want to read just fluffs.

They want solutions to their problems.

They want solutions that they can implement immediately.

‘The KickStarter’ strives to fill that gap.

It’s a Medium publication and community of passionate writers, innovators, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, side hustlers who are ready to help people solve their problems.

And the publication needs more brains like yours to make an even bigger impact.

If you can provide Medium readers actionable tips and tactics on the following topics, we want you to contribute.!

  • Writing and blogging tips
  • Startups & Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship
  • Business models & ventures
  • Growth stories
  • Case studies
  • Digital marketing (SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Internet Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, etc.)
  • Design thinking applications and tools
  • Creativity
  • Self-help and motivation

These are just the key topics we expect the story to te talking about, but there are no hardcore submission rules really.

Let’s run down a few things that will help you (and us):

General Information

We target writers, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, marketers, bloggers, SMBs, and people who need help and motivation in kickstarting their journey.

We believe you can bring high value and cover insights.

We expect more actionable resources and answers without any fluffs.

Feel free to share your experience and anecdote whenever needed.

But we want you to NOT tip-toe around, and get straight to the point.

In your post, solve problems in a way that the reader can immediately leave and implement the solutions.

Here are some mandatory, boring rules and details you must know.

Submission Rules

  • We only accept unpublished drafts and original content.
  • We don’t accept posts that are solely intended to promote affiliate programs/products/brands.
  • We accept the posts having at least 500 words count as long they bring value.
  • You cannot re-publish the content published here anywhere else.
  • Do not have more than 3 stories in our submission queue at any given time.
  • Please edit and proof-read thoroughly so as to avoid any basic spelling and grammatical errors.

The Mandatory Clauses

  • We reserve the right to decline your submission in case we don’t find it the right fit for the publication, has many grammatical errors or needs more editing.
  • We will NOT consider your submissions if you regularly remove your stories from the publication.
  • All submissions must comply with Medium’s Rules and Ad-Free Policy.
  • Submissions must comply with Partner Program stories, as well as with Medium’s Content Guidelines and Curation Guidelines.
  • Do not use copyright images. Use Medium’s built-in image gallery (Unsplash) or any other free stock photo library like Pixabay. Provide full credit to the source of the image.

How to Submit the Story?

New writers have to request to contribute to ‘The KickStarter’ for their first story.

Once your story is accepted, we will add you as a ‘Writer’ for the publication.

After that, you would be able to easily submit new stories (only unpublished “Drafts”) through your Medium handle.

Please allow up to 48 hours before your story gets accepted into our publication. If you don’t see it accepted within this time frame, probably your story didn’t get through.

Simply fill out the form below to submit your first story to “The KickStarter”.

How to Submit a Draft?

If you are new to Medium, here’re a few tips to submit your drafts directly to “The KickStarter” from your Medium handle once you are accepted as a writer.

  • Open the story you want to submit from your Drafts. Click the dots icon at the top, then click “Edit story” to enter the edit mode.
  • Click the button in the top-right corner of the page to open your story settings.
  • Select “Add to publication” from the dropdown list.
  • Choose the publication you intend to submit to and click Save.
  • If you are a writer for the publication, then your draft will not be immediately submitted to the Publication.
  • You must click the “Ready to submit?” button at the top of the page in order to send your draft to the publication editors for review.

Then, the editors of that publication will have a chance to review your draft and schedule it for publishing.

Read everything?

Understood everything?


We can’t wait to hear from you.

Please reach out to us at ‘’ if you have any questions or need help in getting accepted as a writer.

If you are on Twitter, feel free to follow us on Twitter (not at all mandatory). :)

Best Regards,
Hardik Raval





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