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Why I’ve Said NO To Living My Best Life

Life is full of ups and downs. For me, the hardest part is accepting the paths it takes me on.

Odyssey Planning: Design Your Life

How Odyssey Planning works

  1. the path you think you’re on
  2. the path you’d choose if your line of work suddenly no longer existed
  3. the path you’d choose if you had a never-ending supply of money.
  • plot actions along the way that contribute to your plan
  • consider how difficult the plan would be to execute right now
  • think about whether you actually like the plan or not, and if it makes sense
  • think about whether you have any confidence in pulling off the plan
  • reflect on three pressing doubts that make you anxious about that plan
  • give each a short title that sums up the heart of the plan.
Here’s an image of the worksheet. You can download it from the official Designing Your Life website.

How Odyssey Planning went for me

The path I thought I was on

The path I’d choose if suddenly my line of work no longer existed

The path I’d choose if I had a never-ending supply of money

My key takeaways from Odyssey Planning

Odyssey Planning gave me permission to think there is no right or wrong answer. There’s no such thing as a “best life” but a patchwork of “best lives” that leads to more fulfilment and fewer regrets.

With big plans to scale up in the US last year, I didn’t expect to be back on Australian beaches so soon. Here I am in Jan 2021, wondering how the hell I ended up here. Thankfully, Odyssey Planning has given me reassurance that I can design my life as I go.



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