6 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

Be someone’s sunshine on a cloudy day.

  1. Smile.

A simple smile and greeting can go a long way. There is no doubt that a great smile is contagious, and science even backs this up. According to the British medical journal, happiness is contagious, and when you see someone smile, you can’t help but do the same. Next time you see a friend feeling down, send a little happiness their way and share a smile.

2. Give Someone A Compliment.

Many people would argue that their is no better feeling than when you receive a nice compliment. It especially makes you feel good if it is coming from a stranger. Next time you see someone walking around in a cute outfit, or someone with a beautiful smile, be sure to let them know. You never know if someone is having a bad day, and your compliment just might turn it around.

3. Write a Handwritten Note.

A little note of encouragement can show someone that you are thinking of them. Having a piece of paper that you can keep and look back on makes it more meaningful, and also can give people a sense of nostalgia. Even a short “Hi hope you’re having a great day!” can make a big difference. Maybe even try doing this for a stranger, and leaving a note on encouragement on a random car!

4. Call your Mother.

Nothing will make your mother happier than giving her a quick ring, or even shooting her a “How ya doing?” text. Just letting her know you are thinking of her might make her entire week. This can apply to your dad, your grandparents, or even just your friends. Letting people know you care can make them so happy. Five minutes of your life doesn’t seem like much if it changes someone’s whole attitude for the day.

5. Buy the Next Car in Line’s Coffee.

Next time you are grabbing a coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin’, consider paying for the person behind you. It can be an easy, and relatively cheap way to make someone’s day better. Maybe their boss was mean to them, they came from a stressful doctor’s appointment, or maybe they were already having a great day, and they will decide to pass on the kindness, and pay for the person behind them. You never know what someone is going through, and doing something nice for a stranger, like buying their coffee, will give you the opportunity to show someone a little love.

6. Ask A Friend How their Day Was.

And actually Listen. This is a simple one that can have a big impact. In today’s world, many people don’t take the time to catch up with their friends and really check in on how they are doing. If you ask your friend how their day was, they will see that you really care about them. The biggest thing with this though, is that you need to listen. Put your phone down, cutout the distractions, and pay attention. Ask them questions, see if you can help them at all, and you might just make their day. Better yet, you might learn a little something about them, and you might make deeper connections.

These simple tasks, and small acts of kindness might be the thing someone needs to improve their day. Not only can you brighten someone’s day, but you can brighten your own. Being kind is good for the soul, and can make your bad days better. Next time you see someone having a rough one, turn it around with one of these simple tasks, and make the world a better place.

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