The King is nude
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The King is nude

Aptly titled, avoid Mallu film “Puzhu”

The title says it all. Thank you, OTT-forward-button.

In fact that’s the best thing debutant female director Ratheena has done to her film, give it the most appropriate title. As they say in Malayalam, “puzhu ezhanju ezhanju pogunna reethiyil” (like how a worm wriggles to move ahead), that is how the pace of the film is, slow and terribly tiresome leading to a painful watch. On top of this, Mammootty’s character and role seems as though all the energy has been sapped out of him. His dialogues, looks and all physical activity seem as though he is going to drop down dead any moment. True the director was trying to cast him in a particular way but why should anyone waste their precious time to watch this tiresome fare. I had to watch it over a couple of days. Also, face and hair “Make-up” actually don’t make up for all the slackness and sloppiness Mammotty’s character displays in the film. In fact it reveals more of Mammotty’s real age, almost telling us that he could better hang up his boots. With this image in mind, I wonder how his role in CBI 5 is going to be.

The talented Parvathy is there but I would advise her not to take up such projects even if she is to work with stalwarts of the industry. She is much better off delivering classics with people from her gen.

Bottomline. Even hard core Mammootty fans are better off avoiding this one.



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