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The King is nude

Danish film “Druk” / Another Round

Best International Film Oscar winner this year, a sweet feelgood film

Denmark reached the Semifinals of the Euro Cup this year but couldn’t make it to the finals. I almost missed working for a Danish client around this time but the Danes do have something to celebrate because the Oscar for Best International Film this year went to Danish film “Druk” / Another Round. I couldn’t resist the temptation of watching this film and what a worthy winner of the Oscar it turned out to be.

At a birthday dinner one of the four school teachers (the one that teaches psychology) mentions about Swedish psychologist Finn Skårder who proposed the theory that there is a deficit of 5% alcohol in the human system and if one augments this deficiancy untold will be the joy and creativity of the individual. The four then decide to test this theory. The teachers are surprised with the results and students find new vigor and fun in classes be that a history lesson that the immensely talented Mads Mikkelson teaches or the music class or the physical training classes. Personal lives take a new turn for the better too. With all the new found sudden success where do the teachers go next? Yes, you guessed right, increase the alcohol intake to 10% and does it stop there? What follows is both hilarious and serious.

Lovely music embellishes the film at several places. At one point I had to pause the film to find out the name of the Tube amplifier playing that awesome chicago jazz rock blues, then there’s that chorus from the music class that was beautiful and so are so several other songs and pieces of music.

Four days after beginning the shoot of the film, Director Thomas Vinterberg’s daughter Ida is killed in an accident. Ida was a huge inspiration for the movie and she was also supposed to play a role in the movie. The movie is dedicated to her and portions of the film was shot in her classrooms and with her classmates.

Go for it.



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