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The King is nude

Danish film, The Guilty

Creativity at its finest

Danish film The Guilty poster

I am not referring to the new film starring Jake Gyllenhaal which I have been reading as a poor Hollywood remake of the superb 2018, Danish film, “The Guilty” (Den skyldige) directed by Gustav Möller. It was also the official Danish submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar of 2019, even making it to the December shortlist where I guess just 10 or a dozen films are listed and then later narrowed down to the top 5.

Not exactly a spoiler alert but picture this, for most of the film there is just one character, a police office taking emergency calls. Yes, for most of the movie you are going to be watching and listening to the police officer in just one location and the caller from the other side, and it’s a thriller. That’s how creative this film is, shot in just 13 days and cost just a little over US$570k. 2019 had some of the best International films and The Guilty is certainly one of the best.

And here’s another observation. You would enjoy this film even if it was an audio-only film i.e if you were just listening to it (in a language you can understand) and not watching it.

Highly recommended.




Love to shred movies that are crap, eulogize ones that are good.

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