The King is nude
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The King is nude

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An apt title for a beautifully made film about a secret!

Writing of Barbara Lennie in my previous review of the “The Invisible Guest / Contratiempo” I couldn’t help writing about her brilliant role in this film. Best part, she isn’t even the main character in this film.

What is most idiotic was a review written several years ago in “The Hindu” , popular newspaper in South India that this movie was about immigrants and some immigration issue. What nonsense! The Hindu’s reviews have been waning in qualify for several years now and this review adds to its woes. Like to read how they goofed up Osibisa’s concert review? You can read it all here. Anyway back to our film, directed by one of the finest film directors in the world today and to prove how versatile he is, Asghar has made this film in Spanish. He normally makes movies in his native Persian but he has also directed in French and Italian too.

In brief (no spoilers here), relatives and friends of a family gather for a wedding, some even travelling from across the globe. In the middle of the festivities an untoward incident takes place. In the process of finding a solution to the untoward incident a secret comes to light or is it one?

The stellar cast includes Penelope Cruz and Javer Bardem and it is always amazing to see how Asghar Farhadi brings out the best in everyone involved in the film even if that character has just got a minor role to play. As always the acting is incredibly natural and the screenplay smooth and captivating.

Highly recommended. Go for it.




Love to shred movies that are crap, eulogize ones that are good.

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