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The King is nude

Hotel Mumbai, a good one from Anthony Maras

Good film despite earlier offerings of the same incident

First of all kudos to Anthony Maras for making a film of an incident of which a movie, “ The Attacks of 26/11” by Ram Gopal Varma and a documentary “ Surviving Mumbai “ were already made. The documentary was the inspiration for the making of this film. For many who do not know of what actually happened, this film is certainly an eye-opener.

Watching a movie as this one wonders if what the NRA is doing in America can also be good for India. One is actually tempted to go and buy a gun to fight these brainwashed cowards who attacked helpless people and caused so much harm and suffering in 2008.

The movie may not be perfectly historically accurate and it also doesn’t mention or show the various Policemen (encounter specialists) and Commandos who sacrificed their lives in the event but it still does a good job of capturing the horror of what the victims would have gone through in an event as this. One reviewer on Wikipedia has written about Hotel Mumbai, the following, “Sitting through the harrowing events again nearly a decade later could hardly be described as entertainment, and the film plays to many of the same unseemly impulses that make disaster movies so compelling, exploiting the tragedy of the situation for spectacle’s sake” but then how else can one explain the horror of this incident. Watching this movie is certainly not like watching a fictional “Rambo” or “John Wick” movie. This is what took place and this is how many of the victims actually suffered.

The acting is top notch with Dev Patel, Anupem Kher and a good list of international stars delivering gripping and stunning performances. The movie actually is a year old and the theatrical release (December 2019) has been delayed in India.

Highly Recommended. Go for the English version.

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