The King is nude
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The King is nude

Mallu film “Vaashi” is not a waste of your time

Better than just a time-pass film

Vaashi poster

Unlike the umpteen high-octane court drama films we have been treated to recently, “Vaashi” is a pleasant detour sans the histrionics, and yet providing the thrills of a decent court drama. The best part, the two lawyers in the case are partners in real-life in the film. How they go about each other’s lives and manage the court case is the hallmark of this film.

The one scene where both Tovino and Keerthi provide their final views of the case and one where a considerable amount of dialogue is delivered in a single shot is certainly noteworthy. During the ongoing conflict at court, the scene where they reconcile is romantically beautiful.

Watch if you get the time, it is certainly not a time-waster. Keerthy’s father in real-life, Suresh has a role in this film too.



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