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The King is nude

Mammootty salvages in CBI 5 but the real killer is “Jana Gana Mana”

Though the latter wasn’t supposed to be a thriller as CBI, it beats CBI anytime

Yes, this is two reviews in one. Binge watched (for me two movies a day is a binge watch) both CBI Part 5 “The Brain” and “Jana Gana Mana” on the same day some weeks ago and what a surprise “Jana Gana Mana” turned out to be.

But first the common things to both these films. An insane amount of English is used in both the films and on many occasions the English is packed with errors in grammar and pronunciation. I wonder when so much English is used why not take pains to deliver it correctly. I will not be going through the errors but they could have easily been avoided. And what irony, here’s the unforgettable hilarious clip from “CBI Diary Kurippu” the first installment from 1988, where Mammootty chastises a senior citizen for his English.

To make things worse, in “Jana Gana Mana” Tamil and Kannada are used too. And couldn’t they have come up with a better title than “The Brain” for CBI 5?

The reason why I put “Jana Gana Mana” in the same review is that though it wasn’t supposed to be an “Investigation-Thriller” like CBI, it even betters CBI with a brilliant twist and a further smaller, nicer twist within the big twist. The big twist literally sweeps you off your feet. It was so dramatic. Till that happens you keep thinking this is going to be another stereotyped film. Another brilliant thing about “Jana Gana Mana” is that a teaser that was going around on YouTube is actually a clip from the sequel. What brilliant marketing! I must also mention Shammi Thilakan (yes, the son of the Veteran actor Thilakan) who has does a good job and is a talent that certainly deserves more exposure and roles. The only painful things about “Jana..” are the lengthy slow motion shots and songs that you can happily forward with the “forward button” on your remote. One flaw I couldn’t help mentioning was the fact that the suspected killers (all 4 of them) did not know how to ride a two-wheeler?

Meanwhile it is redemption for Mammootty after the disastrous “Puzhu” though I will not call it an incredible or exceptional film. Apart from the English another turn-off was “Renji Panicker’s voice and dialogues that seem to be struggling to come out of his compressed neck and stomach both tucked in his tight fitting shirt (a compromise for lack of exercise and keeping fit). Mukesh luckily was wearing a full-shirt unlike his earlier “shirt-tucked-in” appearances from the earlier versions of CBI films. His stomach was imposing. Saikumar as the belligerent corrupt cop does his bit well and his character is a relief.

Both Prithiviraj and Suraj Venjaramood shine in “Jana Gana Mana” which I would recommend anytime over CBI 5.



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