The King is nude
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The King is nude

Minnal Murali

Who else but the Mallus can pull off such a Superhero film?

What I couldn’t believe was the fact that Basil Joseph directed this film, someone who so far I have been watching doing cameo roles. Recall the “loser-producer-director” in a small role in “Mayanadhi” another Tovino starrer? I also recall him in the Dileesh Pothan directed, Fahadh Faasil film, “Joji”. I did see him in some others too which I cannot recall but I thought the only big role he did was in the Vineeth Sreenivasan film, “Manoharam” but from there, watching and coming to know that “Minnal Murali” was a Basil Joseph directed film last night was a real surprise.

And what to say a of a brilliantly made film. Just “wow”. After watching a gazillion “Superhero” and “Superherione” films I was only wondering how the Mallus are going to come up with yet another one and they did it with elan and finesse in their own inimitable way. Adding comedy and reasonable action, the script, screenplay and dialogues were terrific and the special effects were pleasing and did not look like poor Hollywood imitations. Tovino Thomas did not look boring in a single frame (as it happens when you end up making too many movies) and best part of all there is a beautiful romance and this time the Villain’s romance even surpasses that of the Hero’s. I hope that didn’t turn out to be a spoiler as the film has already been released several months ago on the OTT platform. In fact I must give credit to the writers Arun Anirudhan and Justin Mathew for coming up with a brilliant story involving the villain. In a long time a wonderful villain character has been created on screen. Guru Somasundaram gives a brilliant performance as the unfortunate villain. No wonder on Wikipedia it has been described as the “Best Superhero Film” of India.

There are some other nice pluses too, the music in particular by Sushin Shyam. Check out the awesome tribal techno song. I wish they had an extended version.



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