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The King is nude

‘Searching’, Sheer Creativity!

The trendsetter of a movie, inspiring many others.

Image of Searching’s movie poster, courtesy of Screen Gems

I am reading all over the film groups and blogs about the Malayalam film “C U Soon” and I am curious because not only is Fahadh Faasil in it but has also produced the film. I check out the trailer after reading a couple of reviews and realize that the idea for the presentation of this film is from another movie, the beautifully made “Searching” released in 2018.

First of all it feels nice that an Indian American made this movie. Aneesh Chaganty is the name to watch out for. We have certainly have a promising, up and coming director in Aneesh and “Searching” is his debut film. Also throughout the film note the various Indian names that pop-up indicating the growing Indian population in the US.

Right from the very opening shot or should I say frame, this movie is going to impress the way it has been made. Everything that you see in this film is a recording (duh!). Of course every movie is, but ‘Searching’ is a recording of recordings. Every frame of this film is a recording captured either on a computer screen (laptop, desktop), mobile phone, CCTV and even recordings from TV. There’s hardly a shot directly of the cast and Aneesh has successfully pulled of a lovely thriller in the process.

I watched this film on my desktop that runs on Windows 7 and in Windows 7 there is a theme when activated will change your desktop screen to resemble that of that of Windows XP. When the movie started playing I was actually thinking if I accidentally switched the XP theme ‘on’. It was a beautiful ride after that and the film eventually turning out to be a lovely thriller. Aneesh has cleverly exploited several features, functions and facets of the phone, apps, computer, internet and CCTV to make a one-of-a-kind lovely presentation. In all the movie just cost $880,000 to make and it went on to make $75.5 million at the box office, a critical and financial success. Why wouldn’t it!

John Cho of the “Harold and Kumar” films is the lead actor and he does a commendable job. In fact this is a movie every parent needs to see to keep a track on their children’s online activities.

Highly recommended. Go for it before you watch other films using the similar format of presentation.



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