The King is nude
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The King is nude

The 15:17 to Paris, for every serious student of cinema

A different kind of film making

Watched this some months ago without knowing it was a Clint Eastwood film and not watching any trailers and that added to the beauty and mystery of the film. Sadly my review may reveal some but not the important spoiler, namely the plot of the film.

This is a 2018 film now playing on Netflix (I hope it still is) and you’ll be pleasantly surprised the way it is made. The lines on the poster “A true story, The Real Heroes” almost gives it away. So, it is a true story and the people behind the story are playing themselves. Several people in the film volunteered to be cast as themselves too.

The amazing script is something to be admired as it is so different from conventional scripts in that that the dialogues aren’t delivered as punch lines as it is so common among movies. The dialogues are ones most of use in our daily lives which may even turn some viewers off because we are so used to the punch-line kind of dialogues. In one of the dialogues, it was also nice to notice one of the mother’s use “God” in one of her dialogues which is also not so common stuff.

You are not going to listen to any music when the music plays (I guess at the end), it is inspiring. One more aspect of the trip abroad is that the guys keep meeting ladies and even visiting pubs and discos but no “passionate” moments to spoil such a good film.

Highly recommended if you can be a little patient with the film, till the end.



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