The King is nude
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The King is nude

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Jafar Panahi’s must-see-Iranian film that is banned in Iran

My first review of 2022, though I had started writing it several months ago in 2021.

Imagine a director makes a movie which he knows will definitely attract controversy. He then makes copies of the film and hides it in different parts of his country, Iran. Eventually not only is the movie banned, the director Jafar Panahi is also persecuted by the Iranian authorities for making such films. Shot it just 35 days the film somehow makes it to leading film festivals across the globe where it wins Award after Award and becomes a top 10 Best Film rated by critics worldwide soon after.

After watching the movie you may even wonder, “For what is the movie banned?”, and if this is the content for which the movie is banned then you can only imagine not only the suppression and censorship but also the ethics in that country. And if you were to call this “suppression”, one can imagine what’s going on with women in other countries.

I am also asking myself, “Is it the filming techniques of these directors great or are the actors this good? The acting talent is just incredible. While the filming of the movie was going on, the adorable Nargess Mamizadeh whose role and story is the longest in the film was just picked up from a nearby park, for her role in the film. That easy? The way the justice system works in Iran and the unforgettable office building just don’t seem to leave one’s memory. There are several poignant moments in the film and to avoid spoilers I am not discussing them.

If you are a fan of world cinema, do not miss this film, made in 2000 by Jafar Panahi. Highly, highly recommended.




Love to shred movies that are crap, eulogize ones that are good.

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