The King is nude
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The King is nude

The Invisible Guest

The spanish 2016 original from which Hindi film “Badla” was remade

Contratiempo poster

After “The Body” I was only curious to find out Oriol Paulo’s other projects and to my surprise I find “Contratiempo” (The Invisible Guest) which was remade into the 2019 Hindi film “Badla”. Jeethu Joseph, I guess missed out on this one.

These aren’t spoilers but somehow I was able to correctly guess several important parts of the story particularly the identity of the lawyer, the victim’s pic turning up in the house of the old couple and the state of the victim just before the crime is committed. In all a fantastic film and better still if you haven’t watched the Hindi remake, “Badla”. After watching this film I checked the trailer of “Badla” and the trailer itself has lapses like casting the sweet looking Tapsee Pannu into the role of the Mario Casas. Then Amitabh Bachan the disguise for someone who doesn’t even closely resemble him? Shoddy!

The stunning and talented Barbara Lennie (Hollywood, how did you miss her?) is in the film.

You’ll love this film if you haven’t watched “Badla”. I am sure you wouldn’t care for the Hindi remake after watching the original.




Love to shred movies that are crap, eulogize ones that are good.

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