The King is nude
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The King is nude

Two incredible documentaries from Skye Borgman, that shouldn’t be missed

Abducted in Plain Sight” and “Girl in the Picture” are way better than many of the popular fiction movies.

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Btw, both these documentaries mention kidnapping, rape and violence against women, and so I did warn you.

I have been hooked onto the documentaries on Netflix and I am not surprised. If fiction can sway us so much, then what to say of reality. Truth is always stranger and more fascinating than fiction and I will add this documentary in that list of incredible documentaries. How people can be brainwashed into believing things and how they can easily fall prey to predators can be seen in this documentary.

One other aspect I liked about the documentary is how the victims openly speak about how they fell for the charms of the predator, particularly the adults.

The other incredible one is called “Girl in the Picture” also directed by Skye Borgman, also playing on Netflix.

Honestly, crappy fiction films (that’s how I reviewed “The Silence of the Lambs” years ago on Amazon) that swayed audiences are no match to the thrills and reality of these documentaries based on real-life events and it is a wonder that all these events were happening as we were all growing up on the other side of this world. This one in particular is so moving and as the tagline says, the girl in the picture herself did not know who she was.

Both are a must-watch, Skye has made them like regular thriller movies. Highly, recommended.



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