The King is nude
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The King is nude

Two YouTube Mallu short films getting undue attention, Part 1

Looks like the audience is starving for any little good entertainment and they just lap it up even when it is served with imperfections.

Anupama Parameswaran, in Freedom @ Midnight, Photo courtesy of The Hindu

This is a mature review, so minors, be warned.

As of this writing, this short film “Freedom @ midnight”, has had 15 million views on YouTube. Actually there couldn’t be a more lame title to this short film than this implying people have sex only in the night (or midnight) and that sexual freedom or liberation is obtained then. Then comes the notorious opening credit line, “Based on a million men and women”. What a truckload of BS as though tens and thousands of couples where one or both the partners employed in IT industry are just cheating on each other. (Correction — I mistook it for the IT industry) Where did they get this million men and women data from anyway? What a letdown of an opener for such a story.

In brief this is what the movie is all about. A wife/daughter-in-law finally confronts her husband about his virtual affair he has been having.

And here’s my take.

  1. Serious casting problem — With all the hotness that they have packaged Chandra (played by Anupama Parameswaran) it is difficult to imagine that she wouldn’t elicit the sex that she is so often found repeating in the film namely, “Sexual Freedom”.
  2. Again with all the hotness that they have packaged Chandra it is a wonder why her husband is having a virtual affair and that too with a colleague (who is also married and with children). I am not implying husbands can cheat if the wife isn’t hot but in this film with an intelligent hard working woman, exuding sensuousness who would even think of cheating unless one is merely “lusting”.
  3. In the beginning we are shown Chandra talking to someone and in the process she is asked by the other person, “Have you to talked to him?”. By “him”, I am not sure if the caller was referring to Chandra’s husband or someone else. Who was the friend was referring to? Does that mean Chandra is already having an affair? So is she already in a retribution or in “punishing-her-husband-mode” even before confronting him? Then why the acrimonious confrontation. She should have confronted him the very day she caught him texting (or sexting). Using these unreasonable reasons the makers have just projected Chandra as some wild horny woman seeking a way out of her mundane, loveless and overburdened life with “Sexual Freedom”.
  4. If you are burdened with household chores, you try and find a way out, talk it out for instance instead of putting up with it and seeking liberation in sex. Chandra’s portrayal sends out a message implying that at least if she had got the sex she wouldn’t be complaining. That’s pure escapism and one that will never solve the problem.
  5. How dumb can a husband be to lend his smartphone to his child to play with full access to his clandestine sexual liaisons with another woman, eventually to be discovered by his wife. What was the director, writer thinking here?
  6. From the word go, it looks as though both husband and wife are at each others’ throats with irreverance and blame games. Ok, so it is supposed to a story of a relationship going awry. The obvious thing to do in such a case is to provide a solution (ok, that was my intention), a divorce for example instead trying to show the belligerent couple at war for the entirety of the film or did the makers want the audience to take pleasure in watching a constantly arguing couple?
  7. (7,Sept) Missed writing about the “F” word usage and other adult talk just to sell this movie. The “F*** you” was unnecessary. The “My f***ing sexual freedom” (read that again) is a stupid line and for the question on her favourite position, I am sure her husband has the answer.
  8. (13'th Sept) Missed yet another vital piece, a serious flaw in the film. This one is about the rape or “marital rape” Chandra mentions she is being subjected to. When one observes how feisty she is in the film and the way she thwarts the advances Das makes towards her, it is impossible that she will let him rape her. (24'th Sept) So, now we know why Das is seeking pleasures outside of this marriage. Chandra denies the pleasures when Das makes advances to her. This makes Das seek “virtual” pleasures and now she is complaining about her sexual freedom? What’s wrong with this woman?

If I am right was it the actor Parvathy who has provided the voice-over for Anupama? (7, Sept, I probably got this wrong)

Among the Good points I will still say it was edited, shot and packaged well, liked the boldness and the breaking away from the cliched stuff (Mallus are already rocking that way). Otherwise “Freedom at midnight” is just overly hyped getting undue attention.

The other short film getting undue limelight is “Ente Narayanikku”. More on that film soon.



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