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The King is nude

Why is Jeethu Joseph copying stories for his films?

Recently released 12'th Man is copied from multiple sources

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What I cannot fathom is that after two incredible movies Drishyam and Drishyam 2, Jeethu Joseph is back to making films using stories and sources from other films. I had already published a post mentioning how he had made the Hindi film “The Body” based on the Spanish thriller of the same name. 12'th Man is inspired by the Italian film “Perfetti sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers)” and that too one made way back in 2016. Watch the trailer of the film below.

The Italian film has become the most remade film in history with over 18 countries remaking the film as of 2019. More countries were remaking it and now this movie from India can also be added to the list. After the most important part is copied (yes, story writing for the film is credited to someone else) Jeethu then uses an Agatha Christie style of story telling to fill in the rest. This too we have seen in umpteen films that used Agatha Christies novels as the basis.

The movie itself is long, winding and boring. One wonders why each of the characters in the film had to be touched upon instead of getting straight to the killer. It seemed like a poor joining of the dots to get to the killer. How else could you drag the film for its stipulated duration then. And all the phones ringing or sending notifications at the perfect moments in between conversations of the film? That looked like too much of a coincidence and of perfect timing.

Wish Jeethu had something better to offer before the much awaited Drishyam 3.



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