The Secret Place - Pt2

Part 2

A while ago I blogged Part one of The Secret Place, so now here is part two.

If there is one thing I may ask, it is that you read this article with an open mind and heart. I believe that there is far more to the Christian life and relationship with our creator than what the church has been taught. So I am sharing my heart and some revelation on this topic.

Part Two

How do I get there, to this secret place?

So, now you ask, how do I get there? Well, it is quite simple actually.

Become a child again! Jesus said that we should become like children and that the Kingdom of God belongs to children (Matthew 18, Mark 10). You see, children have no problems accessing their secret places, they do it just about all day, every day, without even knowing it. It is when we grow up and start becoming adults that it gets more and more difficult to do this. We are out of practice! Children live freely and straight from their hearts, one of the most common ways is with their imagination!

Imagination? Yes. Imagination. Children access their secret places through their dreams and imaginations. They are free to live, free to be and free to go on the wildest adventures where no person has ever gone before, all in their secret place! These places are where they find life and joy. Why do you think children are often the ones that are visited by, or see, angels; or have incredible experiences of Heaven or even with Jesus? Why do you see the power of God moving in children amazingly? Why do you think that Children can spend hours playing in ‘another world’? It is because their minds are free and they are ‘child-like’ in faith. Their secret places are unpolluted, un-ruined and un-adulterated, giving them the freedom to go anywhere and do whatever their imaginations let them!

Lost? Read Part One.

Your imagination is very closely linked to the spiritual, actually, a lot more than you think or even realise. Why do you think God often speaks through dreams, visions and pictures? (Joel 2:28) ‘In your mind’s eye’, those ‘feelings’ you get, that ‘gut feel’ is more often than not God speaking to you! So you see how real your imagination is? Is it just your imagination? Fiction? Or is it the Spirit of our Father communicating, speaking and showing you the things of His heart.

Something practical that you could do to try this out is to take some time, five or ten minutes will do. Get comfortable, close your eyes and focus your attention and affection toward our Father. Think of how good He is, how much He loves you. While you are doing this you will start to feel a peace and a rest come over your body. This is a part of His presence. You might even feel a warmth, or a weighty-ness come over your body. He presents His presence in many different ways and sometimes He doesn’t do it physically but rather as an awareness of Him. Once you have done this, ask the Holy Spirit to show you something, anything, of our Father’s heart toward you. Because the Holy Spirit is constantly showing and telling you things He will do so. You seek, you find. He could give you a ‘picture’ or a mental image; He may impress something on your heart, or drop in a thought or an emotion. Maybe you will see a vision or maybe you’ll even hear His voice speak to you. Who knows. He chooses to talk to you in many different ways and each way is precious and as important as the other. But just know this, that His heart toward you is of love and affection, He is never angry or vengeful towards you.

I Challenge you to take some time to discover the secret place within you. The Kingdom that Jesus said is within you. Ask the Holy Spirit to take you places and show you the things of your Dads heart and thoughts towards you. He has hidden the mysteries of his Kingdom not so that you may not know them, but that we may find them! Proverbs 25 verse 2:

“It is the glory of God to conceal things,
but the glory of kings is to search things out”

Find that secret place, find the life hidden in Christ, find the things He has hidden for you! It is there that you will find His still, small voice.

A few months ago God said to me “ Luke, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? ” and recently He has been showing me and revealing amazing, wonderful things and telling me incredible secrets, but I have so much more to go! Come on Jesus! I want more!

So how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? How much more do you want to experience and find? What adventures do you want to go on? What mysteries do you want Him to reveal to you? There is a whole new world! He is ready and waiting for you!

Go on. I dare you …

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