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Oil painting of a man’s back laying on the bed. The figure extends diagonally across the painting. Linear perspective is used in trying to replicate the awkward camera angle. The posture of the figure indicates a certain rigidness, while the awkwardness of it indicates an amount of playfulness. Distant, yet inviting.
Art work Credits: Divya Kishore

If you don’t mind, this time, we’ll just let them watch. You see, it’s you I want now.

They do seem a little cold down there, our salirophilia seemingly knows no bounds. But they suffered so pretty.

They like to look pretty for us. See. They even know we’d want to hear them sob. So pretty.

No, no, let’s not fight for it. We don’t need to suffer. I mean, you can make me ask for it, and I’ll probably plead. Because it is you I want now.

And I mean all of you. If it’s okay with you, I kind of want to taste her on you. You can touch me if you want to.

I might drag it out a little, though. I’ll try not to make it too long. It’s just, my tongue has this fixation on your taint. And I want to remember it, for next time. I’m a messy boy, though, sorry. I get a little carried away.

Do you want to be inside of me?

I’ll bite the pillow like they did if you have to be rough. But let them see you enjoy me. Let them wonder if we’ll reminisce. I will.

You can make my lips swell if you want to. I don’t mind the taste of myself on you. I’ll probably be greedy and it might be over quickly now. I’d swallow if they weren’t here, but they’ve watched so pretty that I’ll share with them if you want me to. I’d spit it on mine.

Hurt me a little if it helps.

I don’t mind them seeing me take their beloved pain. Let them watch you give it to me.

They watch so pretty, but you’re beautiful. It’s you I want now.




A collection of posts about BDSM by people exploring kink dynamics.

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