Breaking: Melo Visits Store in a Robe

Watch Carmelo Anthony keep it way too real


With two months until actual basketball, there’s still plenty of free time dispensed for the Knicks and the NBA.

Included in all that free time are the late night, quality time spent with the family.

Exhibit A: Carmelo Anthony visits a nearby convenience store and/or bodega (unconfirmed by The Knicks Wall).

Anthony, with son Kiyan in tow, and his wife La La look for refreshments and snacks at a local corner store. Tell me they’re not real New Yorkers.

Carmelo fashions a white robe with his nickname “Melo” inscribed on the left chest. In the next video, Anthony appears to say “why would I get dressed up […to go to a store.]

On La La’s Snapchat, she titles one video “when keeping it hood goes wrong.” Clearly the Knicks star forward and three-time gold medalist is playing off ESPN’s projected RPM-based win total of 35.

Watch ‘Melo and company pull up to the bodega in style here:

Reid Goldsmith, managing editor

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