How the Knicks Match Up With the Nets

The Atlantic Division foe is going through some tough times, but New York will have to beat Brooklyn on their way to a playoff berth

Brooklyn added Luis Scola (L) last summer (Photo: Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports via FanSided)

The Knicks have gone through a rough patch recently. They’ve failed to make the playoffs three seasons in a row. They’ve posted a franchise-low number of wins, and they’ve continuously s**t themselves on a number of personnel decisions in both players and coaches.

Nevertheless, one way or another, they have never sucked as bad as the New Jersey Nets who don’t even deserve to have a borough of New York adjacent to their team name.

Like all rivals, the New York Knicks and the Nets will play each other no less than four times during the season. I wholeheartedly expect the Knicks to win each time. But for the fun of it, let’s run down the roster and see where the Knicks stack up against their cross town rivals.

Photo: Nets on Facebook

The above incarnation of Color Me Badd was posted as the group’s Facebook header on their Facebook page. If Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Jeremy Lin, and Brook Lopez are the bruisers on the roster, the rest of the players in the rotation may as well be members of the opposing teams in AirBud. Granted, Lopez has proven himself over the years averaging no less than 17 points per game since his rookie season, but one man is not enough to keep a team afloat (via BBall_Ref).

Using the Nets previous seasons as examples, it hasn’t led to much more than a second round exit. Still, the more talented Lopez brother is a threat at center. Unless Noah can dig deep and shut him down, Kristaps Porzingis may have to shoulder the load on defense against the star big man.

Anthony Corbo/TKW Illustration

Jeremy Lin has been bouncing around the league after his coming out party with the Knicks, but he hasn’t started since a considerable amount of time. He still has managed to average more than 10 points a game every season. His turnovers have dipped since Linsanity, but he’ll need more than that improvement against a half decent defense. Hopefully, the additions of Courtney Lee, Joakim Noah, and a developing Porzingis are enough to negate these affects.

Hollis-Jefferson did not have an exceptional rookie season, but with the Nets looking for playmakers, he may see more time as a scoring option. With veterans Derrick Rose or Brandon Jennings, two defensive liabilities guarding him, he might stand the chance of getting some shine on offense. However, since he is listed as a 6'7" shooting guard, the more conventional, defense-focused Courtney Lee may be guarding him. Any offensive development he may be hoping to gain against Lee will probably be denied unless a switch of defenders take place.

Trevor Booker is Trevor Booker, an underachieving forward who may give Carmelo Anthony and his knee (yes, that knee) a hard time from time to time.

Luis Scola has been deteriorating for quite a while even though he enjoyed a brief moment in the sun playing for the Indiana Pacers and the Toronto Raptors. Anything he can bring to the table against the Knicks would probably be better suited complementing someone else.

The rookies Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead have yet to sway critics one way or another, so, any report on them would be unfounded unless their college careers were used as proxies for professional success. Usually, that isn’t accurate. Just ask Anthony Bennett.

Bojan Bogdanovic showed improvements after his second season, but the development of a 27 year old isn’t a sound plan.

Overall, the Nets are looking shaky in the light, even against a pretty shaky Knicks team. Life is good.

Ty Jordan, site writer

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