How We Will Cover Derrick Rose

The troubled point guard for the Knicks present journalistic difficulties for us

Photo: Eric Gay/AP (via CBC Sports)

Hi folks. Reid here from The Knicks Wall. As you may know, Derrick Rose is facing a civil suit. He is a co-defendant with two other gentlemen, accused of rape, by a woman who we will continue not to name, out of respect of her privacy. You can read about it from our friend and writer James.

Anyway, we have thoroughly discussed about the ongoing case, which could be settled too, amongst the staff at TKW and I want to iterate that we do not condone sexual assault or rape. These are serious allegations that often go unreported and when they do go reported we need to take a look at it objectionably and listen to the accuser instead of “slut shame” or blame the victim.

That being said, our writers at TKW will have to cover and report about Rose in the future during the season. We will continue to recap games and analyze trends during the season, so that includes New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose. While we do not agree with the off-the-court persona that has developed during the pre-trial and now trial phases, we will still report what Rose does during games. Again, we do not condone Derrick Rose’s actions off-the-court, however we are going to cover Derrick Rose the player as long as he is a member of the team.

So, if Rose has a good game and positively impacts the team we could praise him for that, but please understand we are not praising him for non-basketball activities. And if he plays poorly we would mention that too. We will continue to do our job discussing the Knicks and their roster included but strictly the basketball activities of those personnel, not litigation outside of that sports realm.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully you’ll understand the complicated nature of talking about a player with serious off-court allegations. We apologize if this made you uncomfortable but hopefully discussing these uncomfortable topics will help victims report more of these sexual assault instances and shed public ridicule as we take accusations seriously.

Reid Goldsmith, managing editor

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