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Immortalize the greatest Instagram-captured pick up hoops player of all time!

Like a sasquatch in the wild, only grainy and shaky camera footage can reveal the true form of nature’s most beautiful and hidden gift.

Some say similar remarks about ‘Hoodie Melo,’ the hoodied sweatshirt version of New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony who entered the offseason unsure if he’d remain a Knicks, and finished the summer dazzling millions of NBA fans with his prowess in star-laden pick up games.

Hoodie Melo is one of a kind. Hoodie Melo is a star in his own rite. Hoodie Melo doesn’t need Phil Jackson bashing him or the structure of the NBA’s rigid regular season grind. The only thing Hoodie Melo needs is a court, a basketball, and players to surround his greatness around. He is the greatest player in pick up hoops history. And don’t forget his hoodie.

Purchase your own Hoodie Melo design on our tees and sweatshirts at TKW’s TeePublic Store. Immortalize the eighth wonder of the world that Springfield, Mass., refuses to honor. Even if ESPN thinks ‘Melo is the no. 64th best player in the league, Hoodie Melo is the rightful no. 1 in our hearts.

Reid Goldsmith, managing editor

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