Jeff Hornacek is the Knicks’ New Coach

This is a breaking story and the team has not confirmed yet

Victor Decolongon / Getty Images via FoxSports

The New York Knicks have their new coach. And it’s not Kurt Rambis.

Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck broke the news on Wednesday night. Seemingly out of obscurity, Beck mentioned recently Hornacek was being considered for the position yet he was only one name floating around along the likes of David Blatt, Frank Vogel, and of course our Kurt Rambis.

Over the course of the playoffs, when the Knicks have had an early start to the offseason, speculation over Phil Jackson’s coaching search and subsequent methodology began. Jackson travelled through America’s heartland as tension built. Fans were growing outrageous when Tom Thibodeau and Luke Walton found new homes but no news came from the Knicks side.

Now, the Knicks have a new coach. Hornacek previously coached in Phoenix with the young Suns who were on the bad side of a rebuilding period along with some poor moves like trading Isaiah Thomas. Hornacek did a fine job there, in my opinion, but may have lost his pubescent locker room, and lost his job to interim and now head coach Earl Watson. Hornacek came in second in the Coach of the Year voting in 2014.

Obviously the reports are early, but if we confirm Hornacek is the Knicks’ head coach then some questions arise. First, what is his connection to Phil? Hornacek never played for the Chicago Bulls under Jackson, nor does he have Triangle association, but he has been in the league for awhile, maybe they met through a mutual friend? Second, what will Rambis’ role be with the team? He and Jackson remain close friends, so I assume he’ll stay on the bench as an assistant.

We’ll talk more about the hire, but my initial reaction is positive. I’m unsure if Phil reached anything close with Vogel or Blatt, so maybe he hired Hornacek now assuming he couldn’t reach a deal with the previous two coaches. One thing I know for sure about Hornacek’s coaching style is he’ll move his forwards up a spot. This was something like Markieff Morris playing the four-spot. His offense is much more, uh, forward-thinking than the antiquated Triangle. I would expect to see Porzingis playing some time at center and the Knicks could play faster. I’m very much for that! I just hope the defense improves.

We welcome our new coach, especially since it’s not Rambis. Stay tuned to The Knicks Wall for more information about the hire and analysis of Coach Hornacek.

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