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Knicks Hire Scott Perry for General Manager Role

The Sacramento Kings’ VP of Basketball Operations finds a new home in New York

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The New York Knicks are hiring Scott Perry as GM of the franchise, per Vincent Goodwill. Accordingly, former GM Steve Mills is being promoted as President of Basketball Operations.

The Knicks have failed to reach the playoffs since the 2012–13 season. Since then, both the front office and coaching staff have drastically changed and the roster has been totally overhauled–with the last member of that squad, Carmelo Anthony, looking like he’s leaving town, too.

Perry, who very recently was hired by Sacramento in April, helped the Kings rebuild their roster through this year’s draft. In June, the Kings drafted De’Aaron Fox fifth overall, along with Justin Jackson and Harry Giles. In free agency, Sacramento signed point guard George Hill and Memphis free agent forwards Vince Carter and Zach Randolph. Perry was praised across the league for his savvy moves in the offseason thus far, blending talented youth and veterans to a team that recently traded its star, DeMarcus Cousins.

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Hiring a GM is the priority for New York, as they look for stable leadership and a front office capable of trading another star, Carmelo Anthony. Reportedly, trade talks involving Anthony have stalled, per ESPN. For the Knicks’ offseason so far, it’s been weird move after weird move. This includes signing Ron Baker to a two-year, $8 million deal, overpaying Tim Hardaway, Jr., to a four-year deal, and losing out on hiring David Griffin as GM due to insistence on cleaning house and ridding MSG of Dolan’s stooges.

The biggest question in Perry’s entrance in the Garden will be how much influence now President Steve Mills–and by the transitive property–James Dolan will have on the basketball operations. During Phil Jackson’s tenure, Dolan committed to staying out of any basketball discussion, but that seemed to backfire as Jackson made some boneheaded moves. However, with Mills present and more powerful, it’s hard to see a fit where Perry can operate without Mills and assistant GM Allan Houston breathing down the back of Perry’s neck.

UPDATE: 7/14 1:36pm.

Perry’s hire is official for New York. For compensation, the Knicks are paying the Kings cash considerations and their 2019 second round pick, which they have two more picks that round. USA TODAY reports Perry’s contract with the Knicks is a five-year deal.

UPDATE: 7/14 1:58pm.

Scott Perry releases a statement thanking the Sacramento Kings organization and looks forward to working for the Knicks:

UPDATE: 7/14 5:39pm.

New York Knicks PR announces the Perry hire and Mills promotion to president. In the press release, Dolan emphasizes his commitment to leave basketball operations to Mills, Perry, and the front office, along with the team looking forward to “building a young team focused on player development, communication, and teamwork.”

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