TKW Mailbag: Summer ’17 Edition

Our social editor trey is back to answer our reader’s questions on where Melo’s headed, an alternate, dark Phil future, and more!

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Folks, it’s the summer. The Knicks should not be able to ruin my summer. Yet here we are.

Okay maybe that’s a bit dramatic. Phil’s gone, Steve Mills is our new president, and Jay-Z declared the hyphen is BACK.

And now to your questions:

Thanks John for reminding me that the Knicks gave Joakim Noah an awful contract, that literally not a single franchise in the NBA is willing to pay for. Maybe he’ll retire. Okay he won’t. The Knicks will not find a suitor for Noah because his contract is simply that bad. The market to move bad contracts in 2017 is to attach a first round pick and even that doesn’t seem like enough to move Noah. NY would have to trade way too much to get Noah off the roster. Realistically the only way to make that Noah contract tradeable is to include Kristaps Porzingis. Hard pass. The hardest of passes, if you will.

My man Andre! This question has been applicable for my entire tenure as a fan. I don’t know. I never know. I always brace for the worst and somehow they seem to get the best of me. Why am I still here? Why is this the team I root for? Anyway. The plan, at the moment, is to go young. That’s what the reports have said. NY is looking to add young talent and young meaning 25 and under. Whether they’re making the right decisions? It’s hard to say. I am yet to be 100 percent against a move they’ve made in terms of their roster, though. However, Steve Mills is still here! That is bad, it is in fact not good. Scott Perry should be a nice addition as the new general manager.

Perry needing to answer to Steve Mills is the real issue. Hard for the Knicks to show improvement while Mills and Dolan still have influence over the basketball decisions.

This wasn’t a question. I simply wanted to let you all know that the Knicks have reached out to me for the veteran’s minimum, per Ian Begley. Maybe it was the rookie scale. The reception on the phone call was bad. Will update.

This question frightens me. Phil Jackson basically gave the same contract Tim Hardaway, Jr., got to Joakim Noah. Can you imagine him having that kind power again this summer? I have no idea who he would give that money to. Oh who am I kidding? Derrick Rose. Imagine Phil Jackson’s lasting legacy as a President of Basketball Operations being big paydays for 2016 Joakim Noah and 2017 Derrick Rose. Rose has to be the answer.

He traded Tim Hardaway, Jr., the first go around so it’s doubtful he would pay Hardaway. Who does that leave you? Kentavious Caldwell-Pope? Maybe. Derrick Rose is my answer though.

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Okay this next string of questions is from the same Twitter user so I’m going to give brief answers to all of them:

24.6 points per game. @ me in June next year and congratulate me for a spot on prediction. Or @ me in June next year and complain to me that I went way under and that Porzingis averaged 37.

You bet. The East All-Star team lost Jimmy Butler and Paul George. Is about to lose Carmelo Anthony. Kristaps Porzingis is a lock.

Yes. KP will be a lifelong Knick. *Crosses fingers*

He definitely has the size and tools to be one. He should be a player capable of guarding either guard position and some forwards. I’d say he will make an All-Defensive team, but Avery Bradley was just left off those teams. Ntilikina has the potential to make those teams in the future.

He could. I wouldn’t bet he does. He will start the season at age 19 and the Knicks are still rumored to want a veteran point guard in the fold to mentor him. We’re going to have to be patient with his development and not look too longingly at Dennis Smith, Jr.’s, breakout rookie season where he contends for Rookie of the Year.

Again, the East is awful. So bad that the Knicks can have the intentions of tanking the season away but could end up as the eighth seed. That’s the most Knicksy outcome here.

Would have to imagine that San Antonio didn’t reach out to the Knicks to make a play for Melo. On record we only know that Anthony would waive his no-trade clause for Cleveland or Houston. No mention of San Antonio from anyone.

trey teamer, social media editor

Thanks for your questions, you can find trey on the internet and making good–and bad–jokes for our Twitter.

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