1 Million Thanks!

I’m writing this post to thank all the 1 Million people who are using Kodular apps every day! 👏
Yes! We finally reached that amazing milestone yesterday!

This amazing journey, that started out merely as a hobby a few months ago, has grown into something new and great, pushing the limits of simple development.
The platform, initially intended to be a free learning platform to create any kind of app without having to spend months and months learning how to code, has now become much more than that!

I am sure if someone had asked me where we would be a year after we started, I never could have said we would have the number of users we have today. 😅

Today’s milestone simply confirms that we are doing things the right way. We have been able to provide a platform to suit the needs of a large number of people, for we no longer are “a few users” — we are now a large community of people across the globe.

And our users are not just from a single country, they are from all over the world! Every month we have visits to our Creator from more than 150 different countries!

While the majority of our apps are from Asia, there’s a lot of activity from the USA, Brazil and parts of Europe. In all, we’ve connected thousands of users to the world of app development through Kodular apps!

Fun Fact: Total time spent by users in apps made with Kodular Creator each day exceeds 3 years!

Once again, thanks everyone for making this platform possible. Thanks to every single one of you for trusting us, for using Kodular, and for creating those amazing apps! 😄

And, as a token of thanks, let’s say that we are working on another major release with something you have been asking for a long time. However, it will certainly take us some time to have it ready, and we‘re relying on an external source to keep working on it.
You will surely hear more about this soon, either regarding this mystery feature or regarding the external source. No, it’s not the iOS version. 😜

Happy Koding!

@Kodular Staff
Conor Shipp
Diego Barreiro
Pavitra Golchha
Sander Jochems
Sivagiri Visakan
Vishwas Adiga