Kodular + AppyBuilder

Vishwas Adiga
Aug 31, 2019 · 2 min read

We’ve got big news for you today!
Kodular is joining hands with AppyBuilder! We will henceforth be working together as a single platform — as Kodular!

A bearded man exulting
A bearded man exulting

We’re glad to have Hossein Amerkashi join the Kodular team today! Henceforth, he will be working with us in making a more powerful Kodular — the Kodular you all love! Hossein’s expertise with the App Inventor project, as evinced by AppyBuilder’s strides, will certainly be a deal-breaker in achieving that goal.

What’s changing

With AppyBuilder and Kodular working as one, we’ll be able to bring more powerful features to you faster than ever before. We hope to introduce several groundbreaking changes in the next few months that will make app-development easier than ever before.

Over the next few months, AppyBuilder will be migrating its platform to Kodular. We’re still working on all the technicalities and procedures involved, but we will be releasing a concrete roadmap by September 15.

Soon, we will also be publishing more details regarding the AppyBuilder Public Source Code, license exemptions, as well as other AppyBuilder services like the Code Editor.
Keep a lookout for another blog post with all the details!

Migrating to Kodular

Next steps

If you are an AppyBuilder user, don’t worry. Your projects are safe!
We’re truly delighted to have all of you join us at Kodular, and we will try our best to ensure your AppyBuilder projects are fully compatible with our platform! All existing apps, projects, and extensions should work perfectly fine after switching to Kodular. It’s a win-win!

Excited? We are too!
Have questions? We’d love to answer them. Head on to our community and ask to your heart’s content! Everything about the merger will soon be published in the upcoming blog post, so if we can’t answer now, you’ll certainly know by then.

Happy Koding!

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Vishwas Adiga

The Kodular Korner

Thoughts and stories from the Kodular Team

Vishwas Adiga

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The Kodular Korner

Thoughts and stories from the Kodular Team

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