Kodular has integrated Google Ad Manager!

Diego Barreiro
The Kodular Korner
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3 min readJul 15, 2021


You read it right; Kodular is excited to announce it has partnered with Google! But before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a quick overview from the beginning…

Hey Koders, how is it going? We know it has been a while since we launched an update, but that’s just because we have been working on radical changes to the way you use Kodular (as evident from the title), looking to the long-term future of Kodular. So, let’s go into it.

These past few months have been very exciting and intense on our side. After being in talks with Google, we are now integrating their most robust ad exchange platform, and we will be providing a unique service that you will surely like. We are bringing in major changes to how you monetize your apps, thinking about both new and existing users. For starters, way fewer steps are now needed to monetize your apps!

You may already know about Google AdMob, Google’s mobile advertising network. We already had components for AdMob in Kodular Creator, but now we will be working with Google Ad Manager, a more powerful tool from Google. Kodular will now automatically manage your ads inventory and issue your payouts based on your income, which means that now you will only see Google Ads that are strictly linked to your account.

Now, you will find three new “generic” monetization components in the Advertising section: (Kodular) Banner, Interstitial, and Rewarded. One of the big differences is that you no longer have to input ad units. Yes, that is correct: no more headaches; just drag and drop the components and ads will automatically populate your app.

You will be able to check your reports directly from My Kodular! Just log in, and check the projects that are getting a better engagement directly in the same dashboard you use every day. Data will be automatically linked to each of your projects. And talking about payouts, you will now be able to check your account balance from My Kodular as well! But don’t worry, all your questions are solved on our docs pages. And if not, do not hesitate to open a topic in our community.

Coming to the question of commissions and revenue share, we understand that dynamic commissions have been quite confusing to calculate and keep up with, so we are replacing them with a more streamlined means of revenue sharing. Google Ad Manager components will have fixed commissions per component (you can find the exact values in their respective docs pages), which will increase if you keep your app in an outdated Kodular Creator version.

Although we would like to open these new components to everyone as soon as possible, we are still testing all the systems to confirm everything is working properly. Thus, for now, these components will be made available in an invite-only stage, and later on, they will be available for everyone. So, if you are excited about this and you want to start now with these new features, head to this page and apply today!

And that’s all from our side! We are eagerly waiting to see what you build with these new features. We’re looking forward to seeing what you make of these new monetization options available to you!

Happy Koding!
@Kodular Staff