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I am excited to announce today a novel partnership between Kodular and Pollfish, a company that is revolutionizing the market research industry. With Kodular Eagle 1.4C, we’re introducing a new component that allows you to reward your app’s users for completing surveys. Pollfish, who is offering these surveys, is a pioneer in embracing new technologies to drive the industry forward.

Say hello to Pollfish!

Why Pollfish?

Pollfish displays native, targeted surveys that drive a high-quality audience to your app. Rewarding users for completing surveys is great for both you and your users as it increases engagement and retention.

Pollfish Offerwall

You will be able to show surveys (one at a time) or a survey offerwall to your users and reward them with non-cash incentives. Alongside showing surveys, you will also be able to create surveys for free within your app to get feedback (head to the Internal Surveys section in their dashboard). Pollfish uses advanced targeting strategies like Organic Sampling to ensure only the most relevant surveys are shown to your users. This, in turn, increases the net revenue you can generate from your app. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence-based fraud detection technologies, Pollfish is able to deliver high returns for your apps’ monetization programs.

Unlike other monetization components we offer in the Kodular Creator, Pollfish will not incur any commission from us; yet another reason to switch!

How do I use Pollfish in my app?

Surveys are available in the Pollfish component located in the Monetization > General category.

The Pollfish component offers you the ability to switch between two survey modes as follows:

  • Single Survey: allows you to incentivize your users for completing a a single survey.
  • Offerwall: allows your users to fill out multiple surveys through an Offerwall integration in a single session.

Once you’ve picked a survey mode, copy paste your Pollfish API Key by signing up at Pollfish as a Publisher and creating an app there.
You will also be able to use your Pollfish dashboard to create your own surveys (from Internal Surveys) and deploy them at any time! A detailed guide can be found here:

The team and I are thrilled to bring the world of Kodular to Pollfish and survey publishers. We’re also eager to see the amazing apps you’ll build with surveys and how you plan on integrating them in existing apps. Go wild with your creativity!

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