Can Artificial Intelligence Influence Travel?

The word Artificial Intelligence has been thrown around in the start-up world over the past few months, with phrases like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing following shortly after. That said, can these rapidly evolving technologies really be used to influence the travel industry, and if so, by how much?

Machine learning, in its many forms, has allowed computers to build an understanding of who we are, by making use of the data that we provide. As a result, advertising has become more specific, algorithms have got more intelligent, and the background processing of mobile applications and computer software has become more tailored to the user. Remember the last time you saw that advert pop up onto your computer screen after having a look for something? How about the suggestions that followed your last purchase? These are all examples of simple machine learning tools, combined with your computer’s tracking cookies. That said, this isn’t new, and things like artificially intelligent personal assistants who can schedule meetings for you, and software that beats anyone at Go (the board game), are examples of what intelligent algorithms can do, and will continue to do. How exactly could these be used to influence the travel industry?

Imagine an application that can accurately understand what your interests are, where you are, and how to get around. There would be no more worries about missing out on the place your friend told you to visit on the other side of the city. You’d optimise your travel routes to save money, save time and see the most. Perhaps most importantly, you’d be able to live like a local and find the hidden, unique spots across the city. Going one step further, the spots would be tailored to who you are, and what you’re interested in. A big fan of street art? Why not check out SHOK-1’s most recent piece in London, or an old abandoned NSA listening post with some of the best street art in Europe, at the top of a mountain in Berlin. Prefer a messy, juicy cheeseburger to the popular gourmet beef patty’s served with stilton. Look no further than Schnelle Liebe in Munich, or Burger Bear in Shoreditch, London. That’s what we’re doing over here. Our goal is to make your journey as enjoyable, simple and exciting as possible. We want you to see the places you really want to see, share your memories, and tell your friends about your journey with our application.

Don’t let us tell you that though, sign up to the BETA application, and have a play for yourself. Don’t get lost in a city, let us be your pocket guide, to the world’s urban jungles. Sign up here.

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