MEI: Half of ERA priorities have been met

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1 min readApr 2, 2019

Officials from Kosovo’s Ministry for European Integration said that fifty percent of priorities set out in the European Reform Agenda, known as ERA, have already been implemented.

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“The report into the implementation of this document covering the period from November 2016 to end of January 2019 indicate that 11 out of 22 priorities have been fully implemented,” the Ministry said in a written response to the paper.

At the same time, Minister Dhurata Hoxha said yesterday on the third anniversary of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement that she was pleased with the progress Kosovo has made in implementing SAA. “The progress in these three years is closely linked to the life and wellbeing of each and every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo,” Hoxha said adding however that there is still work to be done in order for Kosovo to fully become part of the European family.