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The EU Must Grant Visa-Free Travel to Kosovo

In an op-ed published in EURACTIV, Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacollli, called on the EU to deliver on its promise for visa-free travel to Kosovo.

“We are still faced with the shameful situation of having to apply for a visa (a costly and time-consuming process) just in order to take holidays or visit relative,” Pacolli said.

He noted that citizens of Kosovo overwhelmingly support EU integration and that “EU cannot afford to alienate our enthusiastic population. There are enough crises in Europe to risk creating a new one.”

Pacolli argued that the irregular migration cited by certain EU members as a reason behind their reservation in supporting visa liberalization process are unfounded and Kosovo has put in place necessary tools to track the issue.

“Member states must not let a fear of populist sentiment control their decisions when legitimate progress has been made by deserving Europeans.” “Now it is time to do the right and fair thing by rewarding these efforts. Once a promise is made, it must be honoured,” Pacolli said.

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