Introduction to L8R

The story of L8R begins with my interest in the snooze design pattern.

Snoozing originates with the alarm clock, but more broadly, we can think of snoozing as simply deferring something for later.

Snoozing is powerful for 3 reasons.

First, it’s effective for clearing your mind of pending decisions and tasks.

Deferring something for a later date is a valid alternative to doing or not doing it — this is part of the behavioral framework of GTD and Inbox Zero.

Second, when you snooze you are making a hypothesis about when something will be actionable. A snooze alarm is the highest-quality type of notification.

Third, if you snooze something for far enough in the future you forget all about it. When it comes back to you, it has the potential be an unexpected treat.

The snooze pattern started with our alarm clocks. Last year it came to our email inboxes, with services like Mailbox and Boomerang for Gmail. The next arena will be photos.

Why photos? We take +1 trillion of them a year, for increasingly diverse reasons.


…Only to promptly forget, as our photos disappear into the junk-heap of the camera roll.

We’ve become proficient at using the camera to record all sorts of memories, but retrieving them is a different story.

This is where L8R comes in.

L8R makes it easy to store and recall the things you want to remember.

Snap photos and snooze them for the future with one flick.

So far we’ve talked about L8R as a single-player experience, and it works great as a tool. But it’s as a network, a multi-player experience, where L8R becomes special.

The L8Rs that we create together become loci for rekindling relationships and reliving shared experiences.

Like totems, they have deep meaning to those involved in their construction while remaining inexplicable or invisible to outsiders.

Ultimately, we’re building a new framework for respecting the user’s intentions around the generation of notifications. Call it the L8R API:

Photos are the beginning, but there’s a host of other opportunities to build on top of this framework of intention and resonance.

If you are interested in learning more about L8R or participating in the beta, I would love to hear from you.