Seeking l8r m8s

As l8r transitions from side project into full-time adventure, I’m starting to think about what the l8r team could look like.

I wanted to use this space to invite collaborators, and be explicit about who I’d like to work with and how.

Before you read on, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with l8r, and with me!

Collaboration comes in many sizes. Maybe you’re working on your own thing and we can do a work exchange. Maybe you’ve just graduated and I can help you break into a career in startup-land. Maybe you’re passionate about the problem l8r is solving and you’d like to explore a long-term partnership.

When I think of ideal collaborators, I don’t think of a checklist of skills and experience. Instead, I think first about someone who is a joy and an inspiration to work with. And second, I think about someone who offsets my limitations and can improve l8r in the following ways:

Development. I learned how to code so that I could build l8r. If you look at the codebase you will question my usage of the word “learned.” Development is where l8r needs the most help; it’s also probably the least modular area. Given how much time it would take to get up and running, I’d probably look to partner with someone who’s interested in all-in, full-time collaboration. There are a few standalone components that would probably be a good place to start. One example: creating the flow for creating a geofenced l8r (eg., l8r this for next time I’m home).

l8r is built in Swift and it sure would be rad to keep it that way! There is currently no server. We’re using Core Data to save and schedule l8rs locally.

Separately, if you’re interested in OCR, AlchemyAPI, Rekognition, and other visual recognition software we should talk ASAP ☺

Design. I love design that is juicy, authentic, thoughtful. I regard a mobile screen as a blank canvas and I’m reluctant to clutter it with bars, buttons, and other standard iOS UI elements. Check out the l8r b8a and you’ll hopefully get a sense of what we’re trying to achieve, and how much we need help in this area ☺

Animation. Animation is essential to our emotional and conceptual relationship with a product. Animations delight. They also reinforce the user’s spatial mental model for the app. I am utterly hopeless with animation, but I read pieces like this one from Pasquale D’Silva and would relish the chance to work with someone talented and thoughtful in this area.

Identity. Our inspiration for l8r has been Miami, the Everglades, the 90s, Avril Lavigne. Carefree, loud, playful, and maybe even a little menacing. Here’s a mood board:

I would certainly like to jam with someone who can crystalize this identity into something that informs the design of the app.

Illustration. l8r digs mascots. The idea of l8r is inextricably linked to a g8r, tentatively named Gary, whose current incarnation is an embarrassingly crude drawing of my own:


Gators, Flamingos, even Giant Rats: we will find a home for any mascot.

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