You can solve complex social issues using innovation

At TheLADbible we’re passionate about supporting our community and have a strong belief that we can solve real issues through technology, innovation and social media.

We were proud to sponsor HackManchester last year and we’re excited to be back again this year!

HackManchester’s entries are a shining example of what can be achieved within 24 hours; innovation and start up culture is grounded on the principle of “moving fast”, it takes one great idea to change the world and what better place to see that in action than the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.

In partnership with…

This year we’ve partnered with Greater Manchester Police to tackle a growing problem in Manchester and the UK, there are believed to be over 250,000 reported missing persons in the UK every year, according to the charity Missing People, 140,000 of those reported are children.

Greater Manchester Police deal with the second largest number of reported cases in England and Wales, many of whom are between 18–24.

It’s a complex problem, there isn’t a definitive reason for young people or any person to go missing, the most common reason by those asked by Missing People were problems at home, many are considered at risk, or have mental health issues, others are unknown.

You can solve the problem

We believe you hold the key to solving this complex problem, GMP will provide data which provides a crucial insight into the problem, you can solve it through your innovation, passion and creativity.

The challenge being set by GMP and sponsored by TheLADbible is to help identify, report and bring many of those reported missing, home safely. Social media, data and community building are your tools.

We’re looking for creative ways that may help find those reported missing, reach out to anyone thinking of leaving home or just highlight the problem and develop a campaign that raises awareness around the issues, which may lead to an individual going missing.

Your reward

Besides helping to solve a critical problem GMP and the UK face, we’ve got a huge pile of prizes for you to win.

Google Cardboard VR, Raspberry PI 3s, Mini Drones, GoKarting F1 experience, headphones, decals and retro stickers

We’ve also brought back our incredibly popular posters, some new and returning.

Some new posters
Some old favourites

Don’t forget to tell us your favourite #LADTech

The Judges

You didn’t think we’d just give all of those prizes away did you? This year GMP are providing the challenge, so they have the honour and difficulty choosing a winner, last year we had the hardest job picking a winner, I’m sure you’ll do an even better job of making it hard for the judges this year.

Rob Birkett — Digital Officer @ GMP

Amanda Coleman — Head of Corporate Communications @ GMP

We look forward to seeing what you come up with, you might just change the world.


Currently there is an CSV file which includes data relating to missing persons in Manchester.


Between April 2015 and March 2016, GMP dealt with 24,677 missing incidents related to 12,004 individuals, 45 % of “missing” incidents were generated by Adults (55% by children). (*1)

64% of individuals reported “missing” were Adults (36% by children). (*1)

93% of individuals reported as “Absent” were children aged 13–17 years. (*1)

The minimum cost to GMP of investigating missing person incidents is £ 32,707,882.88p or approx. £1325.44 per incident (University of Portsmouth produced costing) (*2)

* Data Sources :-

1. GMP MFH Section / OPUS

2. University of Portsmouth minimum cost of medium risk missing investigation £1325.44

3. KPMG analysis of GMP 2014 data set

4. NCA UK Missing Person Bureau Data Report 2014/15 dated May 16

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