Evolution of my reading habits

Let me pretend to drop some bars,

On how my reading habits have evolved,

Over recent years,

Maybe it represents changes in society, a voice said in my ear,

Let’s see what the changes have been, yeah?

At one phase, I read two paperbacks a month,

Then, I discovered audible and stopped,

Better to have it read to me from someone else’s mouth.

Later, it was blogs that I found

Simple summaries of concepts, stories and opinions that abound,

My learning increased, though for its correctness I couldn’t account,

These days it’s Twitter and blog summaries…

Complex ideas expressed in 140 characters or less

The promising ones with links I then click

And follow through to read more or vex

That click-bait got me, more or less

Society, I think is evolving

Attention spans, I believe are dissolving

Education and learning needs to be delivered in bits

Bits. Digital, not analog

Bits. Little pieces; not prose that is long.

Why? Because society, I think, is evolving.

-the fake modern poet

Originally published at opeadeoye.com.

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