Happy new year. Happy old us!

Its mid-January and we’re already having to remind ourselves of what some of those ‘new years’ resolutions were. Its grey, its cold and we are on the brink of the Brexit abyss so the importance of focusing on the positive is critical!

The end of last year became very busy for us. We kicked off the Autumn with our first Langtons lunchtime discussion, held in the ‘fancy loft’ at the Farnham Pottery. We invited our clients, partners and friends to come and discuss the role of the project manager. The conversations flowed, and it was just so refreshing to all be in a room together. So many of us spend our days working in isolation or communicating remotely that its sometimes easy to forget the power of live conversation. We will be certain to be hosting more events this year, so please let us know if you would like to be included on our mailing list.

An over-riding theme of our work at the end of last year was support. We were called in by our clients to help them with some really challenging situations.

If you asked anyone, I’m sure they could, happily, put together a list of the kinds of projects they would ideally like to work on — and within this industry one would assume that the aesthetic would normally have an important part to play in featuring on that list. However, time and time again we are reminded that sometimes the most worthwhile and valued projects are those which fulfil a function. They might not look award winning, but they do the job and communicate a message and more importantly they simplify a process and remove a headache for a client. We love helping people out of a corner and finding solutions.

As we seem to be entering such uncertain times, helping one another feels more important than ever. While politicians appear to be more than incapable of solving a problem let alone working as a team, we must be available to help our peers and colleagues to achieve the best they can — regardless of the chaos around us.

So — other than the vows to continue running, travel as much as possible and minimize waste, which are all important. The overall resolution this year is to help where ever we can.

So, if you have a problem big or small which needs solving, you know where we are. Even if you think its outside our remit; we supported an internal comms. function and created a template for a series of intranet sites last year — neither projects you would expect from us!

Happy new year!



Dedicated to driving the design process with excellent project management

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